C+V’s Wedding at the Fisherman’s Retreat, Ramsbottom

When I drove up to the venue a few weeks before the wedding all I could think about what an amazing setting for a wedding it was. The fisherman’s retreat , is set in the hills outside Manchester, and had really perfect views in every direction.

C+V’s wedding itself was a perfect reflection of the beauty it was set in.

I was the photographer, and Mike was filming. I got some great pictures and the wedding film is pretty stunning too.

“I don’t know what to say, that is absolutely stunning!! I am lost for words and that doesn’t happen often! I seriously can’t Thank you enough! It’s beautiful.”

— C + V

Like it? Why not have a look at some of the photos from the day too…

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M+K’s Wedding Film In Manchester

This was a great wedding, It was the biggest I had ever filmed, but that didn’t stop me getting all the shots I needed to make a short film for the couple. It came out super stunning!

I loved the light while we were filming with the bride + groom in the park for shots with them and the bridal party, the sun was shining through keeping everything looking especially wonderful for the centre of Manchester.

The reception was at the Royal Nawaab Manchester, which has a huge beautiful room ready for weddings and other parties.





A & J’s Wedding Film in Birmingham

A beautiful day at the Lake at Barston venue, with this lovely couple. What started out as a wet day in a lovely little church, ended at a stunning wedding reception venue with huge grounds. I loved filming this day.

I have attached the film below. I am really pleased with how the title came out for this wedding, the couple had an ‘UP’ theme, with balloons and colours, and so I tried to mimic that in the title. Creating titles per wedding will definitely be something you can expect to see more of since it really adds a personal touch to the film.


Along with this beautiful short film, we created a full film of the first dance and the Father Daughter dance.

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