1. How do I pay? Bank transfer, or card (2% charge),  We ask for £100 deposit to confirm the date, then the rest is due two weeks before your day.
  2. Is the music licensed? We use high quality licensed music which you can choose, We often find something that fits well with your day, we haven’t had any issues with our choices yet!
  3. How long will it take to get my wedding Film? We aim for you to have your finished short film within 4 weeks of your wedding, but it does depend on the season and how busy we are. But 4 weeks tends to be a good estimate – it can often be quicker!
  4. How will I receive my wedding film? There are several options. A. We produce a DVD for you the first is in the price of every package, extras are just £5. B. we use an online platform called ‘MediaZilla’, It creates an online DVD like experience, that is yours forever, in FullHD. It works on phones, some tvs, and so on. It’s great for watching and sharing. This is not included in any of the packages.
  5. What about all the extra footage you shot? Our aim is to give you all the best footage of the day, and we always take extra to make sure we can make the film as beautiful as possible. If there is a particular moment or face not in the draft of the short film, we can see if we have a shot of it, but we do not give out raw footage, it really doesn’t look like much… see here. We can, for extra, assemble any of the other footage that is of decent quality to music for you. Ask us about this.
  6. What about if I lose my copy? With MediaZilla it is impossible, you just need to remember your details for it. We keep all the final finals forever too for peace of mind.
  7. What about Photography? Check this page out!
  8. Do you travel? We will go anywhere in the world, just ask! Our prices include travel around the North west of the UK.