S + H

What a beautiful day, with a walk into Southport’s beautiful Hesketh Park during sunset there was some stunning light for video and photos of the couple. Filming on my own allowed me to capture everything without being noticed.


J + A

Plenty of pressure on this one, I was asked to photograph the wedding of two wedding photographers! The day was beautiful, the had done all the decorations themselves, and the photos turned out great!


The First Wedding I Ever Filmed

Making wedding films for people came almost by accident, as a starting out video production company we were asked to film a wedding for friends. Naturally we said yes. During the editing of the wedding the idea of making a short wedding film seemed obvious so I edited a draft of it tougher and sent it across to the couple, needless to say, they loved it, and we have been developing and building on our wedding films ever since. 

I have often been to weddings and thought to myself how intrusive the photographer or video team are, or been unimpressed by photos of friends weddings, – although there are some amazing photographers out there. With that in hand, whenever filming a wedding we always aim to amazing, and set the bar high, keeping out of the way and yet capturing all the real emotion from the day.

Here is the first wedding video we produced…